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22nd August, 2019

Rewarding Knowledge Exchange in the Creative Arts Read more

I was asked recently to give a very short presentation at Westminster Higher Forum’s event on Developing the KEF and the following brief paper is an account of my response to the issue of Rewarding knowledge Exchange in the Creative Arts    I’d like to start by reading the opening sentence from a short paper […]

Evelyn Wilson, Co-Director TCCE

21st August, 2019

Blackpool is being dug up Read more

Originally published on November 9, 2018 as part of the Boosting Resilience Programme Blackpool is being dug up. This is not for fracking. The famous illuminations are off. I am greeted by an enormous, teenage seagull that is on the look out for handouts. This town of dreams, escape, fun and promise is glistening.  Architecture […]

Caroline Coates

21st August, 2019

Practical Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs Read more

Originally published on February 27, 2019 as part of the Boosting Resilience project   Accounting is a form of communication. It is a language. A way of understanding the flow of cash. The double entry standard of balancing books. And the biggest secret of all?   It isn’t difficult to get to grips with. You […]

Aki Schilz

21st August, 2019

The Gift that Keeps on Giving Read more

Originally published on April 10, 2019 as part of the Boosting Resilience programme   I have been trying (and failing) for a year to not be the person within our organisation who processes our financial record. Truth be told, it is because I have become extremely bored of the spreadsheet that hours of community activism […]

Amerie Rose

1st August, 2019

Action Stations Read more

Action learning, part of the Boosting Resilience programme, is highly valued by participants and facilitators. But what is it exactly, and what benefits does it offer? A key element of the Boosting Resilience programme, in addition to the more formalised residential retreats and open learning programme, are two action learning sets, one running in Manchester […]

Claire Pattison, Enterprise Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University; Kevin Rivett, Director of Calderdale Music Trust; Kat Bridge, independent producer and curator; and Suzie Leighton, Co-Director of The Culture Capital Exchange

1st August, 2019

Practising Reflection as Leadership Read more

Being part of the team devising and delivering the Boosting Resilience programme has been a cornucopia of learning and inspiration for several different reasons. As well as engaging as a member of the project team, I have been negotiating the programme as a co-founder and director of a creative SME, and also as the chair […]

Suzie Leighton, Co-Director TCCE

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