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6th January, 2022

Can data technology support creativity? Read more

Notes for a Future self by Oded Ben-Tal utilising deep learning music models as composition tools Machine learning has periodically grabbed headlines in recent years by seemingly allowing computers to perform tasks previously deemed the sole preserve of humans. But do the techniques applied and the research they rest on justify the headlines? Equally, Big […]

Dr Oded Ben-Tal, Kingston University

29th November, 2021

Studio KT1: a new business model to increase students’ working experience Read more

It’s November 2019, and we launch Studio KT1: a new business model for Kingston University allowing clients to engage with students and pay them for working on creative briefs. The model was taken straight from industry – as many creative agencies work, encouraging cross-collaboration across teams and disciplines. The students get paid and get valuable […]

Claire Selby, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University

29th November, 2021

Data and EDI in Knowledge Exchange Read more

How do you ensure your knowledge exchange activity is wholly inclusive, reflects the diversity of your institution and the wider community and that it ensures equality in participation and benefit? It’s an enormous challenge but one that KE practitioners are starting to think and talk about. At their recent conference members of Praxis Auril considered […]

Dr Mark Gray Pro-Vice Chancellor & Director, Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University

18th August, 2021

Finding a Place in the Future Read more

Let me welcome you back to reflect on a piece of work that started centuries ago even if my part in it surfaced during recent decades and more specifically has called to you through The Culture Capital Exchange in these past months. A window was opened for me by TCCE at the end of May. […]

Pauline Rutter

18th August, 2021

Levelling Up: what does it mean for universities? Read more

‘Levelling up’ remains something of a mystery.  The R&D place strategy might eventually provide more information on how the twin elements of both the Industrial Strategy and the ‘Build Back Better’ strategy of  R&D growth and regional economic development would work together. The PMs (rather thin) speech of 13 July identified two dimensions to ‘levelling […]

Dr Mark Gray Pro-Vice Chancellor & Director, Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University

2nd July, 2021

Them and Us, Or the perception of risk in university strategies for REF and practice-based research  Read more

In my role at York St John University, I have supported its new UoA32 Art and Design submission from 2015-2021. The inclusion of practice within the UKRI’s REF regulations signals in black and white, loud and clear under Panel D’s Criteria and Working Methods, that research can be legitimately generated through a broad range of […]

Vanessa Corby, Associate Professor Theory, History, and Practice of Fine Art at York St John University, UK

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