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29th March, 2021

Building a better future through Knowledge Exchange Read more

With the combined effects of the pandemic and climate emergency, the country and the world is undergoing the biggest shock since the Second World War. But we stand at a point where we can “build back better” through a green revolution. And it will be essential that universities and higher education, together with the creative […]

Matthew Guest

29th March, 2021

KEF a Personal Perspective Read more

I want to offer a personal perspective because, as we move through this event, we may forget – with the allusions to strategy, sector environment, policy imperatives and the (very odd) characteristics of this last year – that the Knowledge Exchange Framework is, ultimately, driven by people. Individuals like you and me. And if it […]

Dr Mark Gray Pro-Vice Chancellor & Director, Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University

13th January, 2021

How to Make an Ocean: Tears and Technology Read more

My concept “How to Make an Ocean” has been deeply rooted in grieving a loss of 3 people, close to me, in Autumn 2019. I cried many tears in winter months while dealing with this, and at some point I started to collect them in a small container. I was also reading “Flights” by Olga […]

Kasia Molga

15th December, 2020

Diversity in the arts and media Read more

Birmingham City University (BCU) is delighted to be a project partner with TCCE in its exciting new National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange. We’re looking forward to learning from the good practice of other institutions in their knowledge exchange and collaborative research initiatives, and to sharing some of our own experiences. BCU’s Institute of […]

25th November, 2020

Thinking about Leadership Read more

Over the next few months I will be spending some time thinking. Thinking on my own and thinking with other people. Thinking about what might be coming next. Things are very hard at the moment and things are changing. The world is changing, and it will be permanently changed by what is happening globally.  I […]

Dr Rebekka Kill

25th November, 2020

Making sure that inclusive knowledge exchange projects payoff Read more

How do you think about the payoff from your projects?  Perhaps, if you’re an academic, you’ll think about the REF-style ‘impact’ of a research project – the significance and reach of which measures its utility outside of the research community. If you’re used to developing social or cultural projects you’ll be thinking about the effect […]

Dr Mark Gray

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