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8th March, 2021

The Menopause – Challenging the Taboo

London South Bank University

Event Details

8th March, 2021
15:00 - 17:00

With the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day being #ChooseToChallenge, at LSBU, we’re choosing to challenge the taboo that surrounds the menopause – not just in the work place but in daily life.

This includes a lack of understanding or willingness to discuss the issue, misconceptions about the symptoms & its impact, and the language used around the menopause, & those experiencing it, which can be negative, unkind & often derogatory. For something that affects so many people, there’s a distinct lack of awareness about the menopause and as a result, gender bias, discrimination & stereotyping are all potentially enforced.

Thankfully, things are starting to change. Conversations about menopause are becoming more normalised and less difficult & embarrassing for many people. As LSBU launches its menopause policy to raise awareness of menopause transition and provide information and support for those who are directly or indirectly affected, we are proud to bring together a panel of experts to openly discuss & challenge some of the ideas & beliefs around the menopause.

This event aims to share best practice as to how workplaces, and individuals, can be more inclusive and better support those around them who are experiencing the menopause in an informed, sensitive & accepting way. We’ll be joined by a panel of experts from different professions who will be sharing their work & insight. There will also be an opportunity ask questions and share your thoughts & experiences which may help others.

Join us as we choose to challenge this topic, dispel myths & share knowledge so that we can work towards making the menopause a better experience for those it affects.

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