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29th January, 2020

Creativity, Inspiration, Multiculturalism and Environmental Participation in the 21st Century


Event Details

29th January, 2020
17:45 - 19:45
Room 225, Central House
Central House
14 Upper Woburn Place

The 20th and 21st Centuries are when we met the world, whether through travel, or through mass media and the Internet. It has created a fundamentally different framework that challenges who we are.

It has made us realise that we need to think more deeply about how we are interdependent of each other. Sustainable development depends on the relationship of people to nature, and the relationship of people to each other. We now have the task of working out how we may seek to understand diverse ways of being, recognise and use indigenous knowledge, and take advantage of the contribution of diverse cultural visions of nature.  This shift means that we need to rethink how we see the world.

This talk is about multicultural engagement and explores how cultural ways of seeing and being, rethinking our identity, and how we read our landscapes and interpret our joint histories may enable us to be excited, inspired and creative in our efforts to collaborate in the shaping of our future and the care and protection of the earth.

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