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2nd November, 2017

How does Generation Theory transfer across Cultural Contexts?

London South Bank University

Event Details

2nd November, 2017
12:00 - 13:00
LSBU Southwark Campus - London Road, Room LR391

This event is part of the “research today!” seminar programme for Autumn 2017. ‘research today!’ is a research seminar series that shows the width of research in the Business School, and is a forum to foster the collaboration and exchange among interested colleagues. We meet weekly during teaching term times.

This event will review an empirical study which investigated consumer behaviour of Generation Y (aged from 18-33) in a global context. In particular, this study will focus on perceived risks and online purchases through a comparative analysis between developed (UK) and emerging markets (China). Gen Y consumers’ online purchase behaviour will be investigated and critical factors relating to online risks will be tackled.

The research gap we are targeting is the transferability of Generational Theory across cultural contexts (developed market and emerging market) with a particular interest in perceived risks and online purchases of Gen Y. With cases collected from focus groups in both UK and China, we are exploring five emergent themes: differing perceptions exist of what constitutes risk; sensitivities to sharing personal data are a key issue in online community behaviour; certain internet sites are preferred over others; certain delivery methods are preferred over others; and, importantly, generational differences are emerging in relation to purchase behaviour and perceptions of risk.

We’re proud to have Yan Sun, who will be discussing this very relevant research on online purchaser behaviour. Yan Sun will be joined by Dr Charles Graham, who will be moderating the event. Dr Charles Graham is a Senior Lecturer in marketing, with interests in long-term behavioural brand loyalty, competitive market structure modelling, and effective brand portfolio management.


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