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8th November, 2017

Robots in society – current robotics

London South Bank University

Event Details

8th November, 2017
9:30 - 17:30
LSBU Southwark Campus - Events Theatre, Keyworth Centre
£70 (£40 concessions)

Hosted by London South Bank University (LSBU) as part of the Robots in society series, this event will focus on current robotics; exploring the growing role of robots in different services and sectors, and everyday life.

The role of robots is evolving rapidly, from their industrial manufacturing roots, to wider service applications with closer human-robot interaction. With a degree of autonomy, robots have the capability to make independent decisions for fulfilling their tasks. Robots are now being used for medical surgery, aiding the rehabilitation of patients or providing support to disabled people. There are also driverless cars and drones which are now falling into the robotics agenda. With the development of new emerging robots, how can we manage concerns relating to safety, ethics and law?

This interactive conference will give you the opportunity to join the discussion with industry experts around societal concerns, network with the robotics community and see live demonstrations of the latest emerging robots.

Come and hear from:

  • Prof Bryan Bridge, TWI and CLAWAR Association Ltd
  • Dr Raphael Grech, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry
  • Satwik Mehta, HSSMI
  • Prof Tariq Sattar, TWI Chair and Director of the London South Bank Innovation Centre
  • Dr Simon Watson, Lecturer in Robotic Systems at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester
  • Dr Sarah Fletcher, Cranfield University
  • Prof Gurvinder S. Virk, Technical Director at Innotec UK Ltd
  • Luke Hares, Cambridge Medical Robotics
  • Dr Peter O’Neill, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Dr Isabel Ferreira, Lisbon University, Portugal

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