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15th April, 2016

Beating the Bounds of the Elephant

Event Details

15th April, 2016
2pm - 3pm
Starts and ends at: London College of Communication, London SE1 6SB

©Eva_Sajovic © Eva Sajovic

Part of
‘Walking the City’ TCCE Annual Walking Weekend 2016

Walk Guide:  Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic,
University of the Arts London (LCC)

Duration: about 60 minutes

Beating the Bounds is an ancient English custom in which a priest and members of the community, armed with willow boughs, would beat the parish boundary markers, lest they be forgotten.

Elephant & Castle doesn’t exist as a political ward, yet it exists in the imagination of people who live and work in the area. Artists Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic invite you to join them for a participatory walk, led by a local resident and artist, Rebecca Davies, who will reveal her personal boundaries of the Elephant & Castle.

This and further Beating the Bounds walks will be digitally traced using an app. The artists will then superimpose the resulting drawings to identify a collective boundary of the area, which result in a map, details of which will be made available to participants following the walk.

The walk will start and end at London College of Communication (Foyer).

Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic
The purpose of artists Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic’s collaboration is to create artworks, interventions and discussions that consider the vitality and agency of flora in the urban space as a catalyst for rethinking current power structures between human life and plant life.

Through photography, video, sound and performance, they work with plants as interveners to interrogate the potential for porosity of boundaries between public and private space, plant and human, grass and concrete.  

They work from a studio in the Photography and the Archive Research Centre, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. The college is based in London’s Elephant & Castle, the site of one of Europe’s biggest regeneration projects and a key focus for their work.

This is the second Beating the Bounds walk they have planned. The first took place as part of LCC’s Public Programmes on the 9th February, led by Alison Procter of Siobhan Davies Dance. More:

Please note: attendees are not required to download an app.

Further Information
This walk will also form part of London College of Communication’s public programme, which is designed to open up the College and its activities to the wider community.

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