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13th November, 2013

ICL Talk: John Mathers Design Council CEO

Event Details

13th November, 2013
University Building, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB
Free but booking required

Speaker: John Mathers, Design Council CEO

Series: Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (ICL) Talks

The Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (ICL) Talks are a series of seminars hosted by the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice. The talks take place on the first Wednesday of every month and will cover a wide range of topics linked with innovation, creativity and leadership. The talks are free to attend and open to the public.

John Mathers, Design Council CEO

Mostly, when people think about design they imagine the things that we can see, feel and operate. The tangible bits of design – product, graphic, communications – are still major subsectors within the loose grouping of disciplines which comprise the design sector. But design has also shifted towards services and wider systems as an approach to creating more beautiful, consumer friendly and humanistic experiences.

The application of design methods to services and systems is not new, but there has been a significant, recent expansion of interest in the use of design and areas where it is deemed relevant.

This talk will outline the Design Council’s understanding of design as a process, or set of methods, for creating change and approaching problems. It will draw on the Design Council’s work in the public sector to highlight how designerly thinking and approaches are being used to create public services and policy from a different point of departure.

The talk will also share insights from a new Design Council research project Leading Business by Design, to show how businesses are using design right up to the levels of senior management to influence work cultures, business planning and strategy.

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