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31st March, 2020

Knowledge exchange in the age of coronavirus pandemic Read more

As I write this the government’s Coronavirus ‘dashboard’ reports 3,300 cases of the disease in Britain and 144 deaths. We are at the relatively shallow start of the exponential curve that will, the Imperial model suggests, lead to more than half a million deaths in the UK without any controls or behaviour changes. There is, […]

Dr Mark Gray

5th February, 2020

The Problem with Resilience Read more

I’m fed up with all this talk about resilience. Seriously fed up. Everyone is going on about it! Resilience, mindfulness, authenticy; these are the buzzwords of the 21st Century.  Wherever you are, whatever you do, these words are there… So how do we become resilient? This magical quality. A quality that is  clearly highly desirable. […]

Dr Rebekka Kill

10th January, 2020

‘Mission creep’ and the Frameworks ‘trinity’ in higher education Read more

‘Mission creep’ entered our vocabulary in the 1990s following the gradual expansion of US and UN operations from humanitarian assistance to military engagement in Somalia without, apparently, any very systematic thinking about what to stop doing once escalation and extension of the mission was agreed. ‘Mission creep’ for universities, though, has a longer history. The […]

Mark Gray

7th October, 2019

Enacting Best Practice in Knowledge Exchange Processes Read more

In the knowledge exchange community, no topic is currently engaging the attention of professionals and academics quite as much as the government’s clear signal that improving the effectiveness of knowledge exchange is of prime importance if innovation is to underpin faster economic growth, as the government’s Industrial Strategy expects.   For many years ministers have […]

Mark Gray

6th September, 2019

Curating for Resilience Read more

This short paper was presented at Beyond Resilience: Creative Leadership Practice in a World of Disorder, Cass Business School June 2019. At TCCE we are often thought of as connectors, networkers and translators. We work at the intersection of Higher Education and the arts and cultural sectors and have been doing so in myriad ways […]

Evelyn Wilson, Co-Director TCCE

22nd August, 2019

Rewarding Knowledge Exchange in the Creative Arts Read more

I was asked recently to give a very short presentation at Westminster Higher Forum’s event on Developing the KEF and the following brief paper is an account of my response to the issue of Rewarding knowledge Exchange in the Creative Arts    I’d like to start by reading the opening sentence from a short paper […]

Evelyn Wilson, Co-Director TCCE

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