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6th December, 2022

Machine learning is easy, everything else is hard

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Event Details

6th December, 2022
10:00 - 11:00
C307, Tait building

Data science courses always focus on the technical skills required to be a data scientist. This is understandable for the most part, but a data scientist in the “real world” must be able to be a statistician, a scientist, a customer, and a software developer, sometimes in the same meeting!

This is especially true in organisations where data science is a new function, which is (still) most organisations. So what are the other, “soft” skills that we don’t talk as much about and can these even be taught? What makes a good vs. bad data science hire?

In this talk we’ll explore the other side of the data science “stack” – the skills and techniques that complement your technical knowledge and are at least as important to succeed.

About the Speaker:

David Asboth is a data scientist, consultant, educator, former software developer, and a City, University of London alumnus. He currently works primarily as a freelance data science instructor, teaching short and long courses in data science at companies such as General Assembly.

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