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21st September, 2022

2050: Appliances of the Future

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Event Details

21st September, 2022
9:00 - 16:45
Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre

Building on the outcomes of our 2021 event, this year’s conference will look at the challenges of change and the role consumer appliances have to play in delivering sustainability and the net zero home.

We will explore three key themes

1.) The Net Zero Transition Pathway: What actions are appliance manufacturers taking to reduce the ‘cradle to grave’ impact of appliance production, delivery, use, repair and recycling. Are there key hurdles to cross (regulation/geopolitical/resources/technology) to get to net zero? And if so, what are they?

2.) Owner Behaviours and New Business Models: What role does the user/householder have to play in achieving the net zero home. How do we encourage consumers to “Do it Right” in terms of purchase, use, repair/servicing and recycling?

What barriers are there to changing consumer behaviour? What incentives might increase the uptake of different behaviours and usage patterns?

Appliance use is growing, both in mature markets (the UK) and globally. Maximising the most efficient use of power generation requires a smarter approach to energy consumption, but how do we align these demands to a continued reduction? Will the increasing uptake of connected appliances address/ reduce areas of risk?

3.) Through-life Challenges: Extended life, multiple life, right to repair and the supply chain. How do we address the competing demands of consumer desires to purchase new appliances versus the increasing call to encourage extended life through increased servicing and repair?

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