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5th October, 2021

MA Acting for Screen 2021 – Premiere of Four Short Films


Event Details

5th October, 2021
End Date:
7th October, 2021

About the films


Written by Helena Sutcliffe

Directed by Jemima James

Produced by Amanda Brennan

It is 1969. Protest is set against the backdrop of a rise in social activism, including CND, Black Rights, Anti War, Women’s equality. It tells the story of a group of animal rights activists who are preparing to expose the treatment of testing in pharmaceutical companies. Plans reach a dramatic climax when an undercover police officer is discovered within their ranks.

First Dance

Written by Martha Watson-Allpress

Directed by Naomi Wari

Produced by Amanda Brennan

On the same day as Prince Charles and Diana Spencer in 1981, an interracial couple are to be married. Whilst practising their first dance with the best man and bridesmaid, tensions arise when previously hidden views emerge.

Lost Cause

Written by Helena Sutcliffe

Directed by Alisa Tritenko

Produced by Amanda Brennan

The year 2000 was to bring change, hope, the scare of the millennium bug and possibly the end of the world. A cover band prepare for a gig at a New Year’s Eve party in a run-down community centre. Personalities clash as they cope with the reality that this is not Wembley Stadium, fame and fortune is not imminent and they can no longer hide their demons.

All Of Our Weapons

Written by Martha Watson-Allpress

Directed by Naomi Waring

Produced by Amanda Brennan

Are women safe to walk the streets in 2021? Do they need to prepare to defend themselves. A group of women meet for a self-defence class. During the session the memory of a recent attack arises in one of the participants, this exposes the varied perspectives, opinions are challenged and possibly changed.

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