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17th June, 2021

Supporting refugees in academia & employment

London South Bank University

Event Details

17th June, 2021
17:00 - 18:30

This event is part of the Refugee Week 2021

Cara – Council for At-Risk Academics

Cara was founded in 1933 to help German academics who were being persecuted by the Nazis.  It has been based at LSBU since 2004.  Today Cara works in partnership with a network of over 120 universities in the UK and a growing number abroad to rescue academics around the world who face the threat of arrest, injury or even death as a result of persecution, violence and conflict and get them to safe places where they can continue their work.  It also runs regional programmes to support academics who have been forced into local exile, or who are continuing to work on in their own countries despite the risks.  Through its two Programmes Cara is currently working with over 500 academics from some 25 countries.  We’ll be joined by Stephen Wordsworth, Executive Director of Cara, who will be speaking about the importance of supporting academic refugees, & those at risk, in pursuing their careers in academia.

We’ll also be joined by two of LSBU’s own fantastic academics:

  • Safia Barikzai, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, LSBU
  • Professor Gaim Kibreab, Course Director for Refugee Studies, LSBU

In addition to talks from each of our guest speakers, there will be a panel discussion followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

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