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10th March, 2021

Emotional trauma in the time of Covid-19. Why now?


Event Details

10th March, 2021
17:30 - 19:30

The signs of emotional or psychological abuse may not be physical and therefore can be easily overlooked or even perceived as an acceptable form of verbal communication.

This webinar is stirred by the recent events in Greece where prominent athletes and actresses have come forward publicly and shared their personal experiences with sexual, emotional and physical abuse at the workplace. These events instigated a public dialogue about abuse and trauma. Is emotional abuse culturally relevant? In light of the massive collective transition we are currently experiencing, this is the time to continue this dialogue in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why now? We aim to engage the audience in this dialogue and discover the answers together. We must empower individuals and communities in the effort to improve current services and increase access to resources for those in need. This webinar can be useful for everyone working in the mental health field or seeking to understand emotional trauma. 

The objectives of this event are to raise public awareness on emotional abuse and trauma, reflect on cultural experiences, identify signs of emotional trauma and discuss available resources for trauma management.


Maria Galani, Ifigeneia Manitsa, Marcus Bull, Anya Heneghan

Chair and panel members

Prof Muthanna Samara Professor and Dr Maria Livanou Senior Lecturer (Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Kingston University, London

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