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18th February, 2021

The Privilege of Power – How women in business can leverage their leadership to create more equitable workplaces

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18th February, 2021
18:00 -

If we want our organizations to truly be culturally responsive, we have to make room for diverse voices and perspectives at the leadership level. So how can women better support one another to create workplaces that fully reflect diversity across culture, race, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and more?

With the help of our expert panellists, we will discuss the ways in which women can:

● Use their influence and power to make space for those who historically have not had a seat at “the table”
● Address personal bias in order to be a better leader and ally
● Build strategic coalitions to ensure equitable opportunities for all women

Join the Global Women’s leadership Programme at The Business School (formerly Cass) for an engaging conversation that will provide attendees with the tools to contribute to more inclusive female leadership within their organizations.


Isabel Berwick is Work & Careers editor at the Financial Times, overseeing a department that covers management, leadership, working life, graduate careers – and the huge issue of the future of work. She has a particular interest in workplace diversity and inclusion and is an editorial co-lead on the 50/50 Project, which works towards equal numbers of men and women being quoted in the FT. She joined the personal finance team at the FT in 1999 from the Independent on Sunday, where she was personal finance editor and then business editor. She held several senior editing roles on FT Weekend and the Opinion desk before taking up her current post in 2018.

Luigia Labelle is a 25-year-old British-Ghanaian digital strategist, and business development and leadership specialist. She is Founder and CEO of B’Inspired , developing a community focused on eradicating the lack of diversity within the Marketing and Advertising industry. Luigia has a great passion for finding opportunities for unseen talent, unlocking potential and providing the industry with cutting-edge team players who are an open book, skilful and have an aptitude for learning. With the setup of B’inspired, she began to bridge the gap between underrepresented talent with the highest ranking organisations seeking to future proof their company. B’Inspired uses their event series to address the lack of diversity in the industry and provides a basis for inspiration, knowledge and digital skills advancement training. The programme has successfully launched and has connected diverse talents to organisations such as Sky, Twitter, Universal and London & Partners.

Rana Salhab is the People & Purpose Partner and regional Executive Committee member, Deloitte Middle East. She has over 25 years’ experience in talent and human resources management, corporate responsibility, diversity and inclusion as well leading purpose programs, corporate branding, digital presence, communications, and media programs. Rana is an advocate of economic empowerment, political participation and advancement of women to leadership roles. She advised and worked on gender inclusion and economic empowerment projects with global UN organizations and  also serves on the advisory boards of multiple organizations in the GCC and wider Middle East which support women in Business and increasing the number of women on corporate boards. In 2017 and 2018, Rana was ranked amongst the top “Global Champions of Women in Business” lists by the Financial Times and HERoes in the UK.

The event will be moderated by Kiara Goodwin, Global Women’s Leadership Programme MBA Scholar and Executive Board member.

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