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19th February, 2021

‘Picture this’: a practical look at using photo-elicitation as part of the research process

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19th February, 2021
16:00 - 17:00

Although there is growing interest in how visual research methodologies can provide a richer understanding of organisational life, there are still relatively few published empirical studies.

In this seminar, I’ll explain how I used participant-led photography — combined with a recently developed framework called GVPA — to explore the extent to which organisational storytelling is drawn to liminal spaces. I’ll share what attracted me to photography as an approach; the benefits of the process (in terms of the insights generated, the agency of participants and the flow and cadence of the research interview); and the challenges (and practical points to be aware of) when seeking ethics approval and instructing participants.

I’ll conclude with my ‘lessons learnt’ and how I aim to enact them in the next stage of my research.

Ian Rodwell is Head of Client Knowledge and Learning at Linklaters, a global law firm. He provides training and guidance to the firm’s clients – global corporates, banks, governments – on an extensive range of business skills topics. These encompass knowledge exploitation, collaboration, high-performing teams, creativity, the role of trust, motivational leadership, virtual working, negotiation and the business use of stories.

Ian has delivered masterclasses globally and advised clients on the design of offsites, away days and overarching learning programmes. He is also an experienced coach with assignments both within Linklaters and externally.

Ian is also a research student at City University exploring liminal space and organisational storytelling.

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