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11th November, 2020

Film Screening: Black Men in Social Work


Event Details

11th November, 2020
17:30 - 18:30

There is a lack of research on Black Men in Social Work and we want to create a space where people’s stories can be heard and understood and to film those conversations.

We believe that this has the potential to add to practice knowledge in social work and to improve future practice. Our longer-term aim is to examine the themes that have emerged with a view to writing this up for a peer reviewed journal.

We undertook the initial filming for this project on site at Kingston University and the London Borough of Croydon. We remain thankful to the men who shared their stories and others who helped us with this project. We are going to continue talking and filming but thought it was time to share some of our initial results. We think there are remarkable stories here of resilience and determination, a commitment to social work values and of making history. We were often moved by the testimonies we heard, and we would like you to join us in a celebration of the work to date.

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