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7th October, 2020

LSBU’s Black History Month 2020 Celebration Day

London South Bank University

Event Details

7th October, 2020
16:00 - 17:30

LSBU is proud to deliver this event as part of our celebrations & activities for Black History Month 2020 –  a year in which the lived experiences, challenges & triumphs of Black people across the world are being listened to, shared & creating change.

This event marks the importance of poetry in our lives and nods to National Poetry Day  (1 Oct 2020) through the work of young poets. We’ll hear from Poetic Unity, a charity based in Brixton, that aims to give voice to the voiceless by giving a platform to hundreds of poets from the local community and beyond. You’ll also meet Nairobi Thompson, a dynamic poet, performing different styles of poetry from traditional rhyme to colourful blank verse in patois.


Poetic Unity is a Brixton based charity with a vision to give young people a voice and to empower them to reach their highest potential. Poetic Unity use poetry as a tool to support young people create positive change in their lives and in society. Their aims are to give voice to the voiceless, to improve education and physical health, to raise awareness and mental health, to bring communities together and to promote the growth of poetry.

Nairobi Thompson has featured as a poet in the documentary film ‘Looking for Love’ by award winning film director and producer, Menelik Shabazz.  Nairobi also worked with award winning film-maker and director Souleyman Garcia to produce 3 short films showcasing her poetry. A published academic and creative writer, Nairobi has produced several publications – most notably her academically endorsed book ‘Bayonets, Mangoes And Beads’ representing the lost African and Diasporic voices of WWI and WWII through poetry.  Nairobi has also written a series of 5 original shows where she explores various themes using different styles of poetry and performs these herself. Currently, she holds the following positions: BBC Regional Poet, Poet in Residence for The Windrush Foundation, and Poet in Residence for The Equiano Society.

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