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2nd June, 2020

Knowledge Sharing and Exchange in Challenging Times

Knowledge exchange and sharing has in some ways never been so much at the forefront of public life as it has in the last couple of months.

The role of scientists and medics in response to the pandemic has been particularly visible and well documented. But how else has knowledge sharing been made manifest during this pandemic? What else has been taking place, what are the challenges that lie ahead and how as a ‘community’ can we best think about responding to those? How do, or can we share better in a time of crisis and what resources or approaches are needed for that to happen?

This session brought together a range of experts on Knowledge Exchange who approached these questions from a range of practice and policy perspectives.

Contributors: Nicola Abraham and Jessica Bowles (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama), Hamish McAlpine (Research England), Mark Gray (Middlesex University), Jennie Shorley (MMU) and Evelyn Wilson (TCCE).

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