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8th April, 2020

Mobile phone journalism

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8th April, 2020
End Date:
6th May, 2020
Ravensbourne University, 6 Penrose Way, London SE10 0EW

This brand new, fast paced course will cover the art of storytelling and techniques of holding the audience captive.

It will also include simple lighting and sound techniques for mobile phones. Taught by expert Ian Cownley.

On this course you will learn the following:

Session One: Framing the mobile phone narrative

You will be introduced to the concepts of how to structure and tell a mobile phone journalistic captured story.

Session Two: Camera, lights & sound workshop

During this practical, hands on, fast paced session, you will be able to explore how simple lighting and sound capture for mobile phones can be used to enhance your narrative.

Session Three: Researching the truth

Journalism’s first obligation is to find the truth. Learn good storytelling techniques based on this principle as this is paramount to keeping the audience captive.

Session Four: Distribute your message

Learn how to webcast your pre-recorded material or go live on social media. You will also discover how to publish utilising augmented reality storytelling techniques.

Session Five: Final Content creation

During our final session you will have the chance to consolidate their new found skills to create a final piece of work. You will work in small production groups (or by yourself) to pre-produce material ready for publication live or at a later date.

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