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9th March, 2020

This is Gender


Event Details

9th March, 2020
End Date:
22nd March, 2020
North Cloisters
via UCL Quad
Gower Street

Global Health 50/50 presents This is Gender, a poetic, playful and thought-provoking exhibition that questions ‘what does gender look like?’

Selected from over 400 submissions from 53 different countries across all 7 regions of the world, This is Gender brings together the shortlisted works of 21 photographers from our #thisisgender photo competition, each hand-selected by our panel of international experts.

Gender permeates all aspects of our lives, it stratifies society, defines opportunities and shapes our identity. And yet there is a global tendency to reduce the dynamic, varied and complex nature of gender to a singular image of woman-as-other. In contemporary consciousness, gender’s face is invariably female. This exhibition is our challenge to this rigid and reductive way of seeing gender.

By turns playful, poetic, and challenging, each image shows us a different face of gender. Mobilised into dialogue with one another the works challenge, confront and complexify the lens through which we envision our gendered world. They hold up a mirror to the diverse ways gender norms –  rigid and fluid, traditional and progressive – are lived and challenged by men, women, transgender and non-binary people.

Together they tell a different story of gender.

Come and encounter the many faces of gender.

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