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5th February, 2020

Research Development Awards in Humanities, Social Science and Bioethics

These awards are for groups of researchers who want the time and resources to shape the direction of their future work. The development programmes will lay the foundation for research that takes risks and pushes academic boundaries.

Where your host organisation is based: Anywhere in the world

Level of funding: Up to £1 million

Duration of funding: 3 to 5 years


Who can apply

You can apply for a Research Development Award if you’re part of an emerging or established research group working in health-related humanities, social sciences or bioethics.

Your research group (for example a cluster, centre or department) can be in one discipline, interdisciplinary, or focused on a theme or issue.

The research development programme you propose must:

  • lead to a significant and sustainable research agenda that takes risks and pushes academic boundaries
  • develop the careers of the people in your research group
  • build a diverse and collaborative research community.


Your proposal

In your application, you must give a clear outline of how you’ll develop a research agenda and support the careers of people in your research group.

This should include (but is not limited to):

  • the significance of your proposed research agenda and how you are taking a risk and pushing academic boundaries
  • how you’ll shape the future direction of research in your field 
  • evidence that the researchers in your group have substantial shared research interests, relevant expertise and will work together well, for example you’ve collaborated with each other before, or been involved in similar teams
  • the amount of time your group will spend on this award (ie through asking us for teaching replacement costs) and how the award fits in with your other academic commitments
  • career development opportunities for non-permanent research staff, including the freedom they will have to pursue their own research as part of your wider research group
  • your group’s commitment to equality and inclusion, both in developing your research agenda and in managing the people it will bring together
  • the activities you propose, for example networking, travelling, attending events, and awarding and running your own small research grants.

If you plan to work closely with non-academic groups who are integral to your research (‘co-creation’), tell us how you will do this.

If you want to take on extra non-research staff, such as project managers, meeting facilitators and communications staff, you should provide details in your application.

The deadline for applications is 3 March 2020, 17:00 GMT.

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