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21st January, 2020

Universal Basic Income and Universal Basic Services – what’s the best way forward?


Event Details

21st January, 2020
18:15 - 19:45
JZ Young Lecture Theatre
016: Medical Sciences and Anatomy
Gower Street

At this panel event, we will hear from three world experts on UBI and UBS with expertise on their practical implementation as policies, asking how these policies can and should be taken forward. The event will offer a diverse set of perspectives on this major new development in public policy.

Around the world, the ideas of a universal basic income paid unconditionally to all citizens, and universal basic services provided free at the point of use, are in vogue. They are seen as solutions to the failings of conventional social policy, as well as providing new means to tackle inequality, labour market polarisation and the challenge of automation. They have found their way in to the British Labour Party’s manifesto, and trials have been undertaken in several countries. But how would they actually work? Are they affordable? Can they be administered by governments? Do the trials suggest they are living up to their promises? Would they be politically popular?


  • Louise Haagh: Professor, University of York Department of Politics. Author of “The Case for Universal Basic Income” (Polity Press)
  • Anna Coote: Principal Fellow, New Economics Foundation. Author of numerous reports on UBI and UBS
  • Lindsay Stirton: Professor of Public Law, Sussex University. Author of “The Case Against Participation Income – Political, Not Merely Administrative”

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