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14th November, 2019

The Contribution of Nonviolence to the Rise of the Network Society


Event Details

14th November, 2019
18:15 - 19:30
E28 Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre
Gordon Street

Examining the links between British romantic poets – above all Percy Bysshe Shelley -, the Mahatma Gandhi, the Beat Generation and the American Counterculture up to the Cyberpunk movement and the Hacker philosophy in the light of nonviolence are the fields explored by Petri in his articles, essays and novels.

If the origins of the Internet are to be traced in the USA military program Arpanet, nevertheless the notion to connect people, and not only the military-industrial-academic worlds, was mainly due to persons who were deeply tributary – although sometimes unconsciously – to the nonviolence vision of the Mahatma Gandhi.

Analyzing this “Connecting Notion of Nonviolence”, it is a way to speak about an untold story on how the rise of the network society is also linked to nonviolence. And a way to recall the importance to remain true to the integrity and openness of such a vision.

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