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9th September, 2019

Workshop: Strategies for Knowledge Exchange in a Changing Higher Education Landscape


Event Details

9th September, 2019
11:00 - 17:00
Society for Research in Higher Education,
73 Collier Street,
N1 9BE

Universities in the UK continue to face uncertainties and challenges as a result of shifts in the broader economy. While many universities are concerned about their financial viability, the sector continues to see high standards of research and rising incomes from research and Knowledge Exchange (KE) activities. More and more universities are focussing on KE as a viable route, not just to demonstrate the impact of their research, but also as a source of additional income.

This shifting landscape, both of the broader economy and of the HE financial portfolio, raises interesting questions for researchers and practitioners, which this workshop will try to address with new evidence and arguments.

Firstly, as KE income becomes increasingly important within the universities’ financial portfolio, and as the nature of engaged stakeholders evolves (notably with the increased participation of SMEs and the public sector), do universities’ strategies towards KE change, and if so how?

Secondly, what are the implications of universities’ increasing KE engagement for how KTOs function, the nature of their business models, and the relationships between academic researchers and university managers?

Finally, what kind of competencies are needed within universities in order to facilitate the transition towards the ‘entrepreneurial university’ model where KE is not just a third mission alongside the traditional teaching and research mission but permeates universities’ overall engagement?

A range of talks and discussions featuring academics and policymakers will attempt to address these challenges and provide concrete directions for further research and policy within the Higher Education sector in the UK and elsewhere.

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