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29th March, 2019

Feminisms and Technology: New imaginings for future care and well-being

The Culture Capital Exchange

Event Details

29th March, 2019
14:00 - 17:00
London South Bank University, CEREB (Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings)
K2 building
Keyworth St
London, SE1 6NG
£0 - £20


Dr Elena Marchevska, London South Bank University

Dr Christine “Xine” Yao, UCL

Abira Hussein, Independent Curator and Researcher

Dr Romy Gad el Rab, Hyphen-Labs


Charlotte Frost, Furtherfield


Last year, The Culture Capital Exchange launched an Arts and Health Forumas a discussion and knowledge exchange platform for member researchers and staff as well as those working in the arts, cultural sectors and/or health related fields. So far the forum has hosted a number of events and supported the development of funding bids. It acts as a mini-hub within TCCE, creating informal spaces for researchers working broadly within these subject areas to share their research, connect with colleagues and share their work with new audiences.

This academic year, we are continuing the work of the forum with a series of activities over the coming months focusing on the following themes including:

March 29 Feminisms and Technology: New imaginings for future care and well-being

April 10 Culture Health and Well-being: Connecting research, policy and practice

June 18 Cyborg Futures

Feminisms and Technology: New imaginings for future care and well-being is a panel discussion that sets out to explore intersections between feminism, queer theory, speculative fiction, technology, care and activism.

We are doing so in order to challenge current narratives and practices and explore what notions of self-care, care for others and the environment may serve us best for the future.

Discussions will explore topics including VR as empathy machine and how affect is infused into the digital, inequality and digital presence, care for the natural world, envisioning different futures, radical cultural practices as tools for social change.

Contributions from participants are welcomed, if you would like to present your work or research during the round-table please send us an email at by March 12th.

The event is aimed at researchers, artists and creative practitioners, working with or interested in radical approaches to arts, culture, health and well-being.

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