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14th February, 2019

Crafting Back: Challenging Bodies in Public Advertising


Event Details

14th February, 2019
13:00 - 14:00
Studio 2,
Jarman Building,
University of Kent,

Drawn from a Mayor of London commissioned project surrounding experiences of gender and diversity in London’s public advertising, the workshop allows participants to engage with similar “craft back” collaging methods we used with girls across the GLA.

Through this process we encourage participants to discuss affirmative ‘femvertising’ and so-called “diverse” add campaigns. We ask: Do these campaigns actually make a difference and what truly diverse or subversive advertising might look like?

This workshop is run by Jessica Ringrose (UCL), Kaitlyn Regehr (University of Kent), Shiva Zarabadi (UCL) and Amelia Jenkinson (Sexplain).

This event is part of Diversity and Disruption: An Intersectional Valentine.

Opening dialogues around the challenges diversity offers to theories and practices in visual and online cultures, our intersectional Valentine combines short interdisciplinary and interactive workshops to provoke questions on the diversity of images, diversity in themes and the making of visual and online cultures. Taking place on the 14th of February, we position Diversity and Disruption as an alternative love event, which additionally considers connectivity, digital intimacy, intersectionality and representation in the post-digital age.



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