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17th January, 2019

STEaPP in Conversation with Dr Zeynep Engin


Event Details

17th January, 2019
17:30 - 18:30
Room W3.04, Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way, London W1CH 0AL

Dr Zeynep Engin, Senior Research Associate, UCL Computer Science

Digital Ethics: Data, Algorithms, Interactions

The future is already here – it is just not fair, safe, legal and transparent enough. Ubiquitous data collection by large multinational companies and governments, increasing deployment of automated decision-making systems operating on massive amounts of both historical and real-time data producing instant predictions and life-altering decisions, and ‘intelligent’ assistants, robots and devices interacting with each other and with humans – have all brought us into new techno-social spaces and cyber-physical realities.

As a result, already complex ethical questions, historically debated within philosophy, legal and social science domains, have also become core subjects of interest within the computer science and engineering communities. This talk will provide an overview of the emerging ‘digital ethics’ field from a system design and engineering perspective.

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