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24th January, 2019

Constructing Realities – Malkit Shoshan


Event Details

24th January, 2019
18:00 - 20:00
Lecture Theatre | UCL at Here East
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Architect Malkit Shoshan explores the impact of war and violence on the built environment and how to design a future space in which to live and inhabit in these contexts.

Constructing Realities is an informal lecture series with speakers invited to explore the current trends in the making, process and design of our built environment, looking at how new technologies are shaping the future of the spaces around us. Lectures include themes of fabrication, bio-technologies, forensic architecture and a critical look at the algorithms and political uses of architecture and data.

We will hear from artists, architects, designers, scientists and other interdisciplinary practitioners who are at the fore-front of their industry and understand how different disciplines influence and challenge the thinking of other practices.

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