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8th November, 2018

Urban Lab Films: The Experimental City


Event Details

8th November, 2018
18:20 - 20:45
Bertha DocHouse, Curzon Bloomsbury
The Brunswick Centre
London WC1N 1AW
£10 - £12.50

In the 1960s, renowned scientist, inventor and comic-strip author Athelstan Spilhaus, dreams of a new kind of city environment. Alarmed by a growing environmental crisis in America, he designs a domed metropolis where technology and innovative design eradicate the excessive pollution and waste levels typical in contemporary cityscapes.

Spilhaus receives funding and support from high government officials, prominent scientists and political insiders to build ‘The Experimental City’ in rural Minnesota. Yet his utopian dream is halted with resistance from rural residents and state conservationists, who are driven by mistrust and pessimism.

Directed by Chad Freidrichs (The Pruitt-Igoe Myth), ‘The Experimental City’ looks at the hopes and realities behind this mission to build a city of the future.

This one-off Urban Lab Films screening is in partnership with Bertha DocHouse and will be followed by a Q&A chaired by Professor Matthew Beaumont (Co-Director, UCL Urban Laboratory).

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