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15th November, 2018

Protest – Performativity – Post-Truth: The Legacy of 1968


Event Details

15th November, 2018
10:00 - 17:00
IAS Forum, Wilkins Building
Gower St London WC1E 6BT

With its three main panels – Protest and Performativity; Gender and Dissent; and Living in Post-Truth – this symposium invites academics, artists and activists to explore the legacy of the 1968 Prague Spring and other global resistance movements through the perspective of art theory, gender, performativity and post-truth politics.

The ‘performative turn’ affecting the study of culture towards the end of the 20th century placed a new emphasis on the production, processes and reception of cultural phenomena. In the intervening decades, however, performativity has taken on dimensions previously inconceivable.

Political protest has traditionally aimed at communicating the truth of its message — but what happens when performativity itself has displaced any notion of truth? This symposium will address this question through consideration of the history of protest as performance, starting from Iron Curtain dissidence — and Václav Havel’s famous injunction to ‘live in truth’ — through the democratic convulsions of recent years, which often took direct inspiration from the Changes of 1989, to the current predominance of untruth and affect in political dynamics.

Part of #czech100, a festival of exciting cinema, theatre, visual arts, design and music celebrating the Czech Republic’s centenary (28 October – 9 December 2018), as well as the Czech Centre’s #CzechAndSlovakCentury series.

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