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Posted on: 22nd June, 2016

Connectivity, Values and Interventions Conference

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Posted on:
22nd June, 2016

IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study found that of 1500 CEOs surveyed, the majority believe the key to navigating today’s volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex business environment is creativity.  The ability to instil creativity throughout an organisation was rated as more crucial than rigor, management, discipline, integrity or even vision as a means to future success. This one day conference at The British Library explored whether this is actually the case.

It also provided a platform to discuss how the dynamics between creativity, business and research is changing and delegates were challenged to think about their place within this triangular relationship in new ways.

There were a diverse and provocative range of keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and interventions that explored questions such as:

– Is creativity really being more sought after now than ever and if so, why
– How does the corporate sector value creativity and vice versa?
– What are the pros and cons of government intervention in cultivating creativity?

Contributors/Speakers: Rene Carayol and Hilary Carty. Speakers include: Dame Lynne Brindley (Chief Executive, British Library), Dame Helen Alexander (Deputy President, CBI), Professor Clive Holtham (Cass Business School), Professor Giovanni Schiuma (University of Basilicata and author of ‘The Value of Arts for Business’), Katie Greenyer (Creative Director, Pentland Brands Plc.), Mark Waugh (Art: Gwangju and SUUM Project), Maurice Biriotti (Chief Executive, SHM Ltd), Julianne Pierce (Blast Theory), Professor Ian King (LCF), Sarah Rowles (Director, Q-Art London), Sarah Taylor (Head of Learning and Development, Starcom Media Vest Group), Alistair Creamer (Director, Creamer and Lloyd), Geoff Colman (Head of Acting, Central School of Speech & Drama), Laura Garbini Beukes (The One-off), Mark Stevenson (Honda Dream Factory Project and author of ‘An Optimist’s Tour of the Future’), Clare Reddington (Director, i-Shed), Dr Kristian Jensen (Head of Arts and Humanities, British Library), Professor Andy Pratt (Professor of Culture, Media and Economy, King’s College London), Chris Moore (Technology Specialist,Tech City), Tristram Carfrae (Chair, Global Buildings Practice, Arup) and Dani Salvadori (University of the Arts).

To listen to podcasts of all of the presentations and panels click on the links below:

Podcast 1
01 Key Perspectives. Panel 1 – Maurice Biriotti and Katie Greenyer

Welcome: Dame Lynne Brindley (The British Library)

Key Perspectives: Dame Helen Alexander (CBI), Mark Stephenson (Flow Associates) and Professor Clive Holtham (Cass Business School)

Panel 1: Creativity – More sought then ever? If so, why?

Panellists: Maurice Biriotti (SHM Limitied) and Katie Greenyer (Pentland Brands Plc)

Podcast 2: 01 Panel 1 – Mark Waugh, Sarah Taylor, Sarah Rowles, Q&A

Panel 1 continued:

Panellists: Mark Waugh (Art Gwangju and Samsung Arts Prize), Sarah Taylor (Starcom Media Vest Group) and Sarah Rowles (Q-Art London)

Q&A session

Podcast 3: 02 Panel 2 – Professor Giovanni Schiumi, Alistair Creamer and Laura Garbini Beukes

Panel 2: How does the corporate world value creativity and vice versa?

Panellists: Professor Giovanni Schiuma (University of Basilicata), Alistair Creamer (Creamer and Lloyd) and Laura Garbini Beukes (The One Off)

Podcast 4: 01 Panel 2 – Geoffrey Colman (CSSD), Julianne Pierce (Blast Theory)

Panel 2 continued:

Geoffrey Colman (Central School of Speech and Drama) and Julianne Pierce (Blast Theory)

Q&A session

Podcast 5: Panel 3 Prof Andy Pratt and Clare Reddington

Panel 3: Cultivating and supporting creativity – The role of intervention

Professor Any Pratt (King’s College London) and Clare Reddington (i-shed)

Podcast 6: 01 Panel 3- Kristian Jensen and Chris Moore

Panel 3 continued: Kristian Jensen (The British Library) and Chris Moore (Tech City)

Q&A session

Podcast 7: 02 Derive, Tristram Carfrae

Derive with Professor Clive Holtham (Cass Business School)

Final keynote speaker: Tristram Carfrae (Arup)

Podcast 8:  01 Tristram Carfrae cont. and Hilary Carty

Tristram Carfrae (Arup) continued.

Chair: Hilary Carty (Independent Coach and Consultant)

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