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16th June, 2016

Silent Signal: Cascade Screening


Event Details

16th June, 2016
18:30 - 21:00
VMH E002, Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross N1C 4AA

Silent Signal is an ambitious project partnering six artists working with animation together with six leading biomedical scientists, to create experimental animated artworks exploring new ways of thinking about the human body.

Silent Signal takes you on a journey: starting at the microcosm of the infection fighting internal landscapes of our cells, through the personal experiences and opinions of individuals and scientists, to the application of the research in the wider world of infectious disease modelling and genome code sequencing. The works raise questions about what our genetic code is, how our immune system functions, how disease is spread, and what the future applications and impact of the research into these areas might be for us all. Each work is the result of a close collaboration between an artist and a scientist, exploring the similarities and differences in the way they work and the technologies they each use.

Cascade is a creative response to the Silent Signal project, where students from Central Saint Martins interpret themes within the animations produced to design and deliver workshops for young people.

Students from MA Art and Science and MA Character Animation worked with Genetic Moo & Dr Neil Dufton (Battle of Blister) and Samantha Moore and Dr Serge Mostowy (Loop) to interpret and extend ideas addressed in the commissioned animations, to design and deliver a day of creative workshops with young people.

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