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14th April, 2016

Revisiting Genesis Launch

Event Details

14th April, 2016
End Date:
11th June, 2016

Series Launch Event: Wednesday 13 April 6-8.30pm / All Welcome
Episodes released weekly during exhibition at

Revisiting Genesis is a new artist web-series written and directed by Oreet Ashery, exploring the philosophical, sociopolitical, practical and emotional implications of the processes surrounding death and withdrawal, digital afterlives and legacies, outsider communities, friendships, social networks, and reincarnations of women artists.

Released episodically online, in parallel with the exhibition, Revisiting Genesis features a nurse who creates biographical slideshows for those actively preparing for death. When a group of friends approach the nurse with the unlikely request to help Genesis – an artist who is dying symbolically and otherwise – the nurse finally agrees to undertake the treatment, and so unfolds Genesis’ own personal slideshow.

Developed in consultation with experts from the fields of medicine and digital technology, and produced with a range of artistic collaborators, Revisiting Genesis responds to diverse influences including feminist art practices, outsider and minority politics, and aspects of Ashery’s own autobiography. The work considers the loss of meaningful social structures under neoliberalism, the need for collective forms of self-organisation in caring for others, and questions around the emergent online death industry.

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