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11th April, 2016

Impossible Partnerships: How to Change the World

Event Details

11th April, 2016
2.30pm to 5.30pm
Loughborough University London

The Culture Capital Exchange, in collaboration with Loughborough University London, invite you to a roundtable discussion about Activism, Hacktivism and Clicktivism and their role in lobbying for policy change and in influencing the wider public.

Online petitions offer a soft introduction way into activism, they spread awareness and provide an easy-to-use bottom-up approach into policy. The fast rise of the makerspaces and the  increasingly widespread understanding of digital technologies provide further opportunities, from website defacing, to knitted, wearable radios. But what are such shifts actually enabling? Are we witnessing a new wave in citizen activism with potential to determine our relationship to politics or simply the emergence of new visibilities and new discussions?

Potential research topics to be discussed include:

  • Can we impact policy through clicktivism and hacktivism, beyond conventional activism and if so how?
  • What set of circumstances or elements make  such actions successful? How are such successes communicated to the public?
  • What are our possibilities for creating  a go-to resource, sharing our successes and failures, to help others build on our experience?

This Impossible Partnership will be led by Professor Toby Miller, Director of the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. This gathering will be of interest to researchers and entrepreneurs working on, with or through activism. We welcome the contribution of all those who have actively been involved, as well as enthusiastic clicktivists.

Impossible Partnerships: a series of small-scale, informal, convivial meetings, developed and curated by TCCE to boost the collaborative potential of projects and topics, in order to support new networks between research and the creative sectors. Throughout the year, we map common trends among researchers and entrepreneurs, tackling topics from a variety of angles. As a result, we foster aggregate of collaborative networks will thrive, develop across institutions, and reach out beyond the academy.

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