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19th April, 2016

Ideas Lab: Museum of Futures

Event Details

19th April, 2016
3pm to 6pm
Tudor Room at Glenmore House, Surbiton

The Culture Capital Exchange, in collaboration with The Community Brain, invite you to a roundtable discussion about how the engagement with Museums, Galleries and Archives will be re-shaped in the near future.

Potential research topics to be discussed include:

  • What is part our culture, what isn’t, who decides? Can we challenge this distinction by blurring the divide between heritage and make-believe?
  • How can we, the community, contribute to archives, reversing the top-down approach, which sees us as passive witnesses, far too often.
  • Not everything can be museumified: how do we preserve the intangibles, such as performance?
  • How can communities ‘curate’ their own lives and reimagine the potential of the local environment?

This Ideas Lab will be led by Robin Hutchinson, director of The Community Brain. They have been engaged in community activity aimed at releasing the energy and talent of the local community; they provide a space for local communities to realise their potential and question the way in which the local area and their lives are prescribed by others.

The gathering will be of interest to researchers and entrepreneurs, active or interested in heritage, preservation, performance and technology. We welcome contributions from those working at the intersection of culture and technology and entrepreneurs with an interest in the community.

TCCE’s Ideas Labs: quarterly gatherings open to academics and creative entrepreneurs, of around 30 persons in size. They offer brainstorming, networking and collaborative cross-disciplinary opportunities. They allow guests to define the scope of an issue, agree upon a common language, and use creative and innovative thinking techniques to focus on a problem.

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