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26th February, 2016

Terry Duffy talk at Kings College Chapel

March 16


Time: 6.30pm

The artist Terry Duffy, creator of  ‘Victim, no resurrection?’ presently installed for Lent at Kings College Chapel London will provide a thought provoking personal insight into the highly complex and agonising process of creating this powerful work of art and the journey it is now on. ‘Victim, no resurrection?’ is an important work in the history of art responding to conflict, in the vein of Picasso’s Guernica. This one-off talk with Q&A afterwards will be fascinating, challenging and should not be missed.

‘Victim, no resurrection?’ expresses in a powerful and thought provoking way the plight of victims of conflict, whether that be personal, local, or national. It is especially relevant today with the disturbing plight of thousands of refugees. The over-riding message of this complex painting is that ‘enough is enough’ and we need to do more to help those in conflict.

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