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29th January, 2016

Impossible Partnerships # 2 – Software Culture

Event Details

29th January, 2016
15:00 - 18:00
Kingston University of London,
Kingston Hill Campus,

Software Culture explored how the world’s digital infrastructure has altered our culture, created new forms of labour, communication, evaluation, making sense or doing art. We discussed how technology, Internet and the Internet of Things have allowed us to reach more diverse audiences and networks, resulting in a much wider, and faster impact.

The guests discussed how we can access our wealth of information and deliver our message or service if technology is not available, and if we can we re-mediate, hack or find alternative solutions. We tackled new forms of labour by discussing remote and distributed work, activities and networks in both physical and digital domains.

Chair:  Dr Olga Goriunova (Royal Holloway, University of London), Alex Evans (Kingston University of London)

Attendees: Dr Enrico Bertelli, The Culture Capital Exchange; Dr Rob Gallagher, Kingston University; Dr Robert Knifton, (Kingston University of London); Dr Panos Kudumakis, (Queen Mary University of London); Yuli Levtov, (Reactify Music); Dr Mike Searby, (Kingston University of London)

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