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29th January, 2016

Impossible Partnerships # 1 – Resilience: Community and Places

Event Details

29th January, 2016
15:00 - 18:00
Chelsea College of the Arts,

Following up on an interesting discussion with Professor Malcolm Quinn, we partnered with Chelsea College of the arts, to discuss Community and Places through the argument of the contemporary theme of Resilience. The discussion encompassed elements of Design education, bottom-up approaches for community participation, and the involvement of the arts, such as Dance and photography, in the reinterpretation of the public spaces.

This Impossible Partnership explored how designers and architects can facilitate distinct ways of engaging and inhabiting spaces, as well as disrupting or creating new communities. The participants discussed the bases upon which we organise resilience, its esthetic and the risk involving politics – who sets the terms, why, and where are the boundaries.

Chair: Professor Malcolm Quinn

Attendees: Peter Bennett (University of West London); Dr Enrico Bertelli (TCCE); Dr Erik Bohemia (Loughborough University of London); Michele Bruzzi (Loughborough University of London); Emily Druiff (Peckham Platform); Mr Wyn Griffiths (Middlesex University of London); Anna Hart (Central Saint Martins); Gill Henderson (London College of Communications); Mark Howells (Konnectis); Thorange Konsari (Public Works Group); Holly May Mahoney (Peckham Pieces); Professor Ann Massey (Middlesex University of London); Dr Ken Wilder (Chelsea College of the Arts); Evelyn Wilson (TCCE); Jasmine Wilson (Random Dance)

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