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24th February, 2016

Meet our Professors: Professor Julia Hornle – Unclaimed Territories in the Clouds: Where are the Limits to Internet Jurisdiction?

Event Details

24th February, 2016
18.30 - 20.30
Skeel Lecture Theatre, People’s Palace, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4NS
Attendance is free but you must book online to attend

The lecture will capture the conflicts of law created by the internet and, most recently the adoption of cloud computing. The internet has enabled unhindered data flows across borders and cloud computing essentially enables the remote processing and storage of vast quantities of data. These technologies fundamentally conflict with laws’ conventional understanding of jurisdiction and the limitation of a state’s power to its territory. The lecture will pinpoint this fundamental conflict with examples from different areas of law: online consumer protection; regulatory conflicts over online gambling; law enforcement’s powers to access foreign data for investigating (cyber-) crime and the regulation of on demand internet videos (porn and hate) and indicate some solutions to these conflicts of law.

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