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30th October, 2015

Loughborough University Support the Development of Innovative New Running Garment

Loughborough University has played a major role in the latest wearable technology development, which aims to help recreational runners improve their performance.

A research team lead by Dr Jonathan Folland has been working with Californian company Lumo Bodytech to help runners work towards improved running efficiency and performance.

Launched today, the Lumo Run running short is an innovative new garment that will provide runners with real-time feedback on their performance. Proper form can help runners increase their speed, distance, and may prevent injuries, with feedback being provided by a nine axis smart sensor that monitors and alerts users on their running form.

Acting as an on-board running coach, the shorts can offer:

  • Continuous biomechanic measurement of the factors most closely tied to running efficiency, including cadence, stride length, ground-contact time, and pelvic rotation
  • An invisible smart sensor integrated directly into machine-washable running shorts
  • Real-time audio feedback on performance delivered through a smartphone app

Of the new product Dr Folland, an expert in the physiology and biomechanics of human performance, commented:

“Our new scientific work has revealed a number of key metrics that differentiate faster and more efficient runners, which were previously unknown. Recreational runners will now be able to access lab-level feedback thanks to the technology developed by Lumo BodyTech”

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