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6th October, 2015

Lost/Gardens: Jane Sheldon (soprano) and Zubin Kanga (piano)

Event Details

6th October, 2015
Performance Space, City University London, St John Street, London EC1V 4PB

New York-based soprano, Jane Sheldon joins London-based pianist, Zubin Kanga to present a recital of modern German masterpieces written a century apart. Arnold Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Op. 15 (“The Book of the Hanging Gardens”, 1909) is one of his first atonal works, yet still full of the lyricism and grandeur of his earlier music. Helmut Lachenmann’s Got Lost (2009) is a virtuosic tour de force for both performers, with the composer drawing on his huge catalogue of extended techniques while deforming, ripping apart and recombining a diverse set of texts by Friedrich Nietzsche, Fernando Pessoa, and an anonymous note about a lost laundry basket.

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