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20th October, 2015

Inside Out Festival 2015: Pandemonium! The Industrial Revolution: empowered by the world of water and steam technology

Event Details

20th October, 2015
15.30 - 16.30 and 19.00 - 20.00
London Museum of Water and Steam, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford TW8 0EN
Free, registration essential

Tutors, staff and students from London College of Music (University of West London) and London Museum of Water and Steam have collaborated to create a site specific performance project at the Museum, enticing the public to engage fully in a truly inspiring environment that reflects the world of machinery and power of the 19th century, while enabling aspiring performers to interact in a creative way with the performance possibilities of the environment.

This promenade performance will illustrate the power and ‘pandemonium’ created both by machines, engines and literature of the nineteenth century.

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