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28th May, 2014

Paddy Hartley

Currently based at KCL as Artist in Residence in the School of Dentistry, Paddy Hartley’s artistic practice is wide ranging in both theme and media. The recipient of Wellcome Trust SciArt and People Awards for his collaborative work with Biomaterials scientist Dr Ian Thompson, his practice has explored themes including the origins WW1 facial reconstruction and perceptions of cosmetic surgery. His work with Dr Ian Thompson contributed to the refinement of Bioglass casting techniques in the creation of patient specific implants. In recent years his practice has expanded into fashion design producing statement garments for the likes of Lady Gaga and Noomi Rapace and his work features regularly in premiere international fashion publications.

As the Centenary of WW1 approaches, Paddy is currently devising a series of new initiatives further interpreting the lives of the facially injured WW1 servicemen of the Commonwealth and more broadly, examining the phenomena of conflict memorialization.

Follow Paddy on Twitter here.

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