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5th March, 2014


Event Details

5th March, 2014
End Date:
8th March, 2014
Jacksons Lane Theatre N6 5AA

A dance theatre work about weight and gravity

A Royal Central School of Speech and Drama co-production with OUT OF INC

Director: Sinéad Rushe

Performed by BA (Hons) Acting Collaborative and Devised Theatre students

Gravity shapes us. From birth to death, what bodies can do is bound by what they weigh. Things fall, softly or heavily, constantly or all at once. Some things are too heavy to carry, or to lift. Some things carry us.

Loaded’s eight performers use everything from balloons to ballast and from pulleys to catapults to explore how bodies and structures learn to bear loads – or fall apart. The show combines an evocative live soundscape with texts ranging from ancient literature to modern science.

Violent, lyrical and funny, Loaded is a startling new dance theatre show about the mechanics of weight and what happens when we face the limits of our strength.

Directed by Sinéad Rushe (Out of Time, with Colin Dunne, nominated for a 2010 Olivier Award and a 2009 Dance Critics’ Circle Award) and choreographed by Vicki Manderson (National Theatre of Scotland).

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