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Posted on: 31st January, 2014

Alternative Valentine's at Barts Pathology Museum

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Posted on:
31st January, 2014
7pm -
Barts Pathology Museum (3rd Floor Robin Brook Centre) St Bartholomews Hospital (enter from main courtyard) West Smithfield EC1A 7BE London United Kingdom

Lovesick hysterics, plundered hearts and the history of sexually transmitted diseases will be discussed in a series of February lectures at Barts Pathology Museum, part of Queen Mary University of London.

Tuesday 4 February – Matters of the Heart Month at the Museum begins on Tuesday 4 February with a talk by Dr Helen King on the ‘conditions’ of Hysteria and Lovesickness and the imaginative way they were treated by 19th century doctors.

Thursday 6 February – Donald Rumbelow – former custodian of The Black Museum, now a well-known Jack the Ripper tour guide – explores the Ripper’s reign of terror, focusing on the final victim, whose heart was removed during her murder and never found.

Saturday 8 February – Botanical expert Tanya Moulding hosts The Seductive Power of Plants – a four-hour workshop which includes a whirlwind tour of fragrant aphrodisiacs past and present and the chance for guests to create their own unique scent in time for Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday 12 February – Lady Rose Cholmondeley of The Chopin Society mixes medicine and music with a talk on the life and works of the composer FryderykChopin. She will discuss whether Chopin’s heart is really bricked into a pillar in Warsaw preserved in Cognac, and whether he died of tuberculosis or cystic fibrosis. Professor of Clinical Histopathology Sebastian Lucas will then discuss these conditions from a medical perspective.

Tuesday 18 February – A history of sexually transmitted diseases, their causes, context and cures takes place on 18 February as Dr Lesley Hall of The Wellcome Library presents her talk ‘A Night with Venus, A Lifetime with Mercury’.

Thursday 20 February – Dr Anna Maerker investigates the curious history of the ‘anatomical Venus’ – beautiful female sculptures with removable parts for ‘dissection’, created for medical museums and touring shows. Kelley Swain will then discuss her poetry project about the anatomical Venus: Opera di Cera. 

Wednesday 26 February – Closing the ‘alternative-Valentines’ season is Dr Ellery Foutch, with a history of the first superstar bodybuilder: Victorian Strongman Eugen Sandow, and his world-famous arm. Modern day Sandow, Sir Leopold Aleksander, will then present “The Path to Victory” – his unusual lecture on gaining the Necessary Attributes of the True Gentleman.

All events include a wine reception and the chance to view the museum’s specimens.


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