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25th February, 2013

Jessica Angel: Here and Beyond

Event Details

25th February, 2013
End Date:
8th April, 2013
Laban Building, Deptford Creek, London SE8 3DZ

A triptych of bold and evocative images by London- based photographer, Jessica Angel, taken during rehearsals for Open Heart Productions/Arthur Pita’s  God’s Garden, which was presented at Laban Theatre’s Autumn Season last year.

The images capture a sense of the dancers as links between that which is earth-bound and the world ‘beyond’; a world evoked throughout God’s Garden.

Jessica Angel specialises in photographing movement, which, by its very nature, is transient. The question she asks is ‘how can I recreate the transient nature of dance and make it enduring’.

Her work explores this relationship – the passage and transformation of form to represent the sensation of the dance. It brings together, investigates & continually modifies the encounter between space, time and physicality.

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