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4th July, 2012

Curious Festival

Event Details

4th July, 2012
End Date:
7th July, 2012
People Show Studios, Bethnal Green
£6 advance (£8 on the door)

The Curious Festival is a celebration of the work of current Leadership students, graduates and tutors from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Students have been given missions from secret sources to inspire their curiosity as artists. From dawn to dusk (and beyond) be the first to witness creative premieres as our community of artists, tutors, students, young participants and members of the public come together in lively discussions, music jam sessions, presentations, installations and pop-up happenings.

Spreading into the surrounding cafes and bars, this festival culminates in a party on the Friday night, so join the celebration of all things Curious as we open our laboratory style course for you to see, taste and get involved in!

Events include:

Black Box
Consider a black box. Things go in, things come out, but what of its inner workings? A conveyor belt? A factory floor? An alternate universe perhaps?

Drawing on black box theory, philosophy and science, stories, histories and relationships and our responses to space and our environment, Black Box presents a series of inventive explorations told through music, theatre, storytelling and visual art.

Show Case I
Part One of a Curious collection of pieces which highlight the talents of the Leadership Masters students, graduates and their collaborators. Conventional and unconventional musical line-ups, along with short films, high energy dance, sound art, theatre and other items of intrigue.

The Stamp Collective
The Stamp Collective folk band comprises a dedicated crew of Guildhall School students, led by virtuoso violinists Joe Broughton and Paloma Trigas. The band’s unique sound, made up of over 20 instrumentalists and vocalists, takes tunes and songs from all over the globe and works them into a superb assortment of energetic arrangements.

“Wunderkammer” (The Wonder Room)
A pop-up ‘open studio’. Graduates and their collaborators have a space to creatively research and develop new ideas. They will work to a brief which encourages them to explore and respond to the local area. The studio is open 10am to 9pm each day. Audience members and festival participants are welcome to drop in at any point to chat, share, have a look and a listen to what’s in progress. (Free entry)

For more information please visit Guildhall School of Music & Drama website.


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