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9th June, 2010

LCACE commissioned paper: Towards ecologies of learning; enhancing relationships between arts and academia

This essay seeks to contribute to discussions generated by the recent LCACE series Working with Higher Education to develop digital strategy in the Visual Arts commissioned by Arts Council London.

The focus of the series was primarily on arts organisations funded on a regular basis and the subject of this essay is a reflection on the different ways in which arts organisations within the visual sector (which includes in this instance digital arts and interdisciplinary/live art practices) interface with higher education asking how and where value may emerge in these relationships.

It suggests that acknowledging the challenges inherent in building links between these fields is a crucial step towards enhancing the possibilities of success and it advocates for enhanced documentation and dissemination of case studies of projects which have taken place (successfully and otherwise) in the spaces between. It has been written to complement and to add to the excellent report – Developing Digital Priorities: Visual Arts Organisations and Higher Education Collaboration by Dr Michael McKinnie and Louisa Pearson (Drama Department at Queen Mary, University of London).

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